A downloadable game for Windows

This game was made by BloodyMonkey. Its development started in 2010, but then, after many iterations, it was halted.

OST is available on Bandcamp: http://bloodymonkey.bandcamp.com/album/this-is-a-meta-game-ost

Paolo Tajè: design, code
Riccardo Amabili: art, music, sounds
Marco Canala: code

Version 1.19:
first public version

Indievault.it - (this is a) META game: finalmente online il puzzle di BloodyMonkey
giocoindie.it - (this is a) META game: i boss sono uguali per tutti
motherboard.vice.com/it - I 10 giochi indie italiani che hanno spaccato nel 2014

II International Videogame Festival hóPLAY'11, Bilbao - finalist in the following categories: best original idea, best design and best sound-music.


Windows version 17 MB